Trajectory guidance for family owned businesses

The average family owned business has a life time of 25 years, and this trend is internationally visible.
Family owned companies are a major backbone in the economical environment, and are considered by many to have the real potential for economic recovery and sustainable growth.

In the next 15 years an important number of family owned business will face succession issues.
It is striking to see that 2/3 has no solid succession plan or exit plan.

At H-art Matters we offer trajectory guidance to family owned companies long before the issue gets critical.
In a joint effort with our co-creation partners, we  make an integrated proposition where we combine the hard and soft view on the matter. We combine the metrics with the human side.

Transferring a business successfully is complex and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Based on our joint financial, human resources and general management experience, we offer the following tailor made services:

01GROWTH : Growing sustainably and successfully takes a lot for any company.
We provide strategic and operational advice, ranging from process optimization to business financing.

02TRANSFER : We mentor multiple generations in the transfer to next generation.
Transferring a business is a key transition moment, the most critical after start up and growth.
Each transfer is unique, and requires good preparation and tailor made solutions.

03M&A : Based on in-house developed tools and methodology, we offer a full company value assessment, due diligence management up to and including sales negotiation and support in transaction financing.
Upon request, we are available for post sale or merger integration activities.