Carl De Clercq

With a solid 25 years of executive and HR consulting experience throughout Europe, Carl has founded H-art Matters to inspire leaders and companies and to help them grow towards the realization of their full potential.
Carl holds a university degree in Clinical Psychology (RUG Gent 1986) and followed numerous managerial and developmental trainings.
Throughout his career he held operational and strategic HR roles in consulting and corporate environments. Carl is multicultural and multilingual, and has lead HR projects on 3 continents.
Carl developed into an all round executive with solid knowledge of the other executive disciplines. He served on numerous HR and non-HR steering committees.

In his private life he has counseled many individuals and families.

Carl combines a unique international executive background with solid psychological skills.
A credible authentic personality, to the point and willing to invest deeply in your growth.
His developmental psychological approach to both individuals and companies are his trademark.
Carl was recognized as an outspoken executive throughout his corporate career, and contributed to many HR interviews, seminars and workshops.